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Stage Hypnosis Training &
Certification Course

5 Full Days of “One-On-One” Stage Hypnosis
“Secrets Revealed” Training with Grand-Master Hypnotist, Tom Silver

Stage Hypnosis
Training & Certification Course

This is not a group instruction class

You alone will receive Tom’s unparalleled personal attention –
one-on-one, hands-on training, live demonstrations, and so much more!

Tom doesn’t just TEACH you how… He SHOWS you how.
Then, under his instruction, you too will actually do it ’till you get it RIGHT!

Your Personal Instruction will be held at the Private Estate of
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Silver in Beautiful Medford, Oregon

Upon completion you will
receive two Certifications

certified by the United States Board of Clinical Hypnosis® (USBCH)

  • Stage Hypnosis Certification

  • Stage Hypnosis Safety Certification

Topics Covered In Your Hypnosis Training

  • Complete Setup of a Professional Stage Hypnosis Show – All steps from A to Z.
  • Suggestibility Tests – Test audience receptivity for your stage show!
  • Audience Participation Experiments – Fun activities getting everyone to laugh and like you.
  • Talking to Your Audience – Public speaking skills, gesturing, and voicing skills.
  • Pre-Inductions – Your opening speech to the audience, explaining the powers of hypnosis.
  • Group Inductions – Various techniques to hypnotize groups of people.
  • Instant and Rapid Inductions – Hypnotize your volunteers rapidly!
  • Hypnosis Depth Testing – Knowing how deep your subjects are in hypnosis.
  • Stage Hypnosis Routines – Enough ideas to entertain for HOURS and how to make your own.
  • Safety Precautions – What to do to ensure the safety of your volunteers.
  • Legal Issues – Insurance, contracts, agreements, tax information and more.
  • Sound Effects and Background Music – Incorporating music & sound effects with skits.
  • Show Pricing – Know how much to charge for any event.
  • Promotional Materials – Producing videos, brochures, web sites and more.
  • Marketing – Generating business, ways to advertise without paying a dime and much more.
  • Back End Sales – Sell your own stage show videos and products at the show doubling your profit for the night.
  • And much more…

Additional Training Not Offered By
Any Other Hypnotist

Radio Hypnosis Show Demonstration

  • Becoming a guest on a popular radio show.
  • Preparing your subjects for deep somnambulism on air in seconds.
  • Types of hypnotic phenomenon to produce on radio.
  • Promote your business while performing routines.
  • And much more…

Television Hypnosis Show Demonstrations

  • Becoming a guest on a television show.
  • Preparing your subjects for deep somnambulism on air in seconds.
  • Presenting yourself to the general audience.
  • Types of hypnotic phenomenon to produce on television.
  • Preparing for large amounts of business.
  • And much more…

Your Training Includes The Following Items

  • LIVE ONE-on-ONE INSTRUCTION: “Tom Silver’s ‘Hands-On’ SCIENTIFIC STAGE Training”– Five (5) complete, full days of personal intense, energetic training by World Renowned Hypnotist, Tom Silver.
  • TRAINING MANUAL #1: “Scientific Hypnotherapy Training Manual” by Tom Silver
    Regular Price $299.00 – Included with Training!
  • 2 Certificates of Completion: Stage Hypnosis Certification and Stage Hypnosis Safety Certification

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That’s FIVE exclusive days with no other students. Only you and Tom!

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